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I don't bite or anything. I just like things private.
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it's alive.. partly

rofl. Hi Livejournal. xD

If someone actually reads this. Feel free to request a wallie from me. serious. xD

Currently or not.. more like have always been like this.. Stop. Need to explain something first. xD My friend siggi said something to me about my room earlier this week. Something about the electronic stuff I have here. So I will make a list on what I have in here the requires a power cable.

  • MSI EX610
  • HP Pavilion


  • GameBoy
  • GameBoy Advanced
  • Nintendo DS
  • Nintendo DSi
  • Nintendo Wii
  • iPod Nano 4GB 2nd generation
  • iPod Touch 8GB
  • 2x LaCie Extern Hard-disc
  • HiFi speakers
  • TV
  • Playstation 2.2
  • DVD RegionFree
  • DVD Recorder
  • Stereo
  • JVC Boomblaster
I think I need to stop it here. o__o It is not much right? xD gah.. I need a bigger room o_o
plus. my mood for homework is like gone.. gone with the wind. like. byebye. xD
I KEEP POSTPONING IT XD - I need to do something tomorrow.. please. kick me?

byebye. O: <3

My selfish love teaser

".. Was it okay to become a little attached to this boy.. ?"

".. and before I knew it I was swept away"

".. just how many times does he plan on destroying my heart with his words"

".. if only I could be with him forever; just how happy would that make me"


i am officially back with some fics. and this is just a teaser. but hopefully the first chap will be up around christmas eve. and and. Siwons song on sjss2 is just FILLED with yehwonness <3 Mhmm. I R HAPPY!

.. I should be studying for my math test D:

No update in a really long time. Maybe because I know no one reads my entries. If you are out there someone; then *high5* :D I changed my layout. I need to put of creds for that later. The only thing that I did make was the header. I can only work with dark colours lately

Christmas is coming ridiculously near. Which mean my bigBIGbig major assignment in maths is getting EVEN CLOSER. T__T" Hopefully I will have a convo with my "sensei" about the assignment what to do aso... I have written liek.. two pages already. which is more than most of my classmates. No worries.

I got an A in English today. hurray. which means I am leading the bet against Nick by 4-3 now. We have not decided on a prize yet - but knowing the both of us I think the honour itself is the best prize possible.

Any of my fic readers still out there? I promise a new fic before 2010 :D still the Yehwon couple ftw10. :D

let's make this pubbbblic~

Summer Update

I wonder if this is going to be really long; since I haven't updated in like forever ;3 but here I am, pretty much because Ryu forced me. She's such a good friend. ;D *waves/lol*

so what's new? for almost two weeks ago Alex came to visit me. alex<3suju at the sjfh boards :D which means she came from london to little Randers, denmark where I live. She was here for five days. five amazingly days. We went to the indoor rainforest and a themepark named Djurs. the funniest thing was probably playing table tennis against my neighbour and his best friend. they lost pretty badly which resulted in them argueing a lot. A LOT. xD His parents were here at my house tonight and they said that their boy is still angry XDD sorry Rasmus.

anyway. my kanji studies are going really well. but I still find it horrid as hell. The flash cards are a big help though : DDDDDDD and I even ordered the kana cards. I like ひらがな but i sooo hate カタカナ to me it just looks like straight lines @@ but hiragana ftw :DDDD

I could really eat some strawberry cheesecake atm. yummy yummy ;D <33

summer, rawr ;3

first of all. dang it's hot here in my room atm. I kinda blame my computer and the fact that I had to make a new layout for shinjis_risk ; it took quite the time xD and I had even planned to go early to bed. butbut 8D making layouts is kinda fun ;3 which reminds me. I hope to progress on the new layout for sjfh next week or this week. idk. whenever bri got time to clash some ideas together :D
    I kinda blame the radio now for keeping me up. from 11PM - 1AM they always play love songs on 100FM lalala. I like falling asleep to music <3 and speaking of music. neorago <3 I love it. currently on my way to school I only listen to that one and fire by 2NE1 :D though I say rock is my favourite genre even I need some.. pretty pop boys music in my life. kinda like some got arashi ;D <3

theres 33 days left to Alex' visit :D London's calling - i can't wait. though I still have one problem. which I made my dads problem 8D he got no choice but to obey. :3

I think this is enough for today xD I'll even make this public :D *poke rikke*

sj saranghae <3
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The heart never lies chap. 5

Title // the heart never lies
Author // Tene aka. Hanarero
Pairing // Siwon/Yesung; (jaejoong/Changmin?)
Chapter // 5
Rating // NC-17
Genre // fluff , love , smut ; something along those lines
Warning // the smex part will come sooner or later
Summary // They just couldn't remember.
Note // This is a fic for Reso.

Collapse )