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The heart never lies chap. 4

Title // the heart never lies
Author // Tene aka. Hanarero
Pairing // Siwon/Yesung; (jaejoong/Changmin?)
Chapter // 4
Rating // NC-17
Genre // fluff , love , smut ; something along those lines
Warning // the smex part will come sooner or later
Summary // They just couldn't remember.
Note // This is a fic for Reso.

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Yesung’s mind stood still.

“How? What? When? HOOOW?!” Yesung was now talking to himself more than Siwon.

“I don’t know how it started. But you were the one who kissed me!” Siwon replied.

Yesung was now in shock. He didn’t feel that he had time or ability to think. He found his only option to run out of the kitchen and to his room. Cliché enough, he locked the door and hid under his blanket.

If anyone saw him now they would believe he was scared of thunder rather than talking to Siwon. He was embarrassed and filled with fear, and his body hurt like hell.

Tears started to come. He quickly brushed them away. Why is he crying? He was now questioning himself about how he could do it. How could he take advantage of and kiss Siwon, the friendliest guy on Earth? He wondered if it really was true.

“Jongwoon! Pull yourself together” Yesung was now coaching himself in order to feel better. Not sure what to do, he decided to call JaeJoong hyung. He fished out his cell phone and quick dialed the number.

“Hello?” a voice said on the other line. It sounded different than usual, but Yesung couldn’t tell.

“Jae, is that you?” Yesung asked.

“Ah. Is that you Yesung hyung?” it was definitely not JaeJoong on the line, “Jae hyung is out at the moment. I’m the only one here.”

“Oh...” Yesung frowned. If it is not Jae, then the only one who would answer his phone would be... “ChangMin?”

“Ding ding ding! Corrrect!” the DBSK magnae laughed. Yesung felt as if he was in a game show. It made him smile a bit.

“Say Min.”

“Eh, hyung?”

“Did JaeJoong by any chance talk with you today about me meeting him?” He asked. Jae hyung probably told Min because he tells the other everything.

“Oh.” Yesung could swear he could see that smirk on the other’s face, even though they were talking on the phone, “You mean that you have feelings for Siwon?” Changmin said.

“EH? WHAT? No way. I didn’t tell it like that! Jae that butthead! He must have twisted the story!!”

“Hahaha. Hyung. You gotta see between the lines. And stop being so worried all the time. Wonnie hyung will see right through that you like him~. That might be trouble,” Min giggled so innocently it was abhorrent. Why do all his dongsaengs tease him?

“Oh hyung. Dinner is here. I have to go.” Changmin said and hung up.

“butbutbutbutbut. WAIT! Nooooo!” Yesung was desperate. He pouted at the phone, as if pouting at ChangMin. What did he mean by that?

Confused, blank and alone: that was how Yesung felt in a nut shell. Did he really like him? If he did why couldn’t he be sure about it? He was about to cry when he heard a tap on the door. The knocking was gentle.

“Hyung? Open the door.” It was Siwon.

Yesung folded himself away. He wanted to feel safe from his feelings. But there was no way he could. He now sat on the side of the bed with two things in mind. If there was a flower around, he would let the petals give him the answer by plucking one petal at the time. Time was the last thing he felt like he had. But he couldn’t leave Siwon standing outside like that...

Unsure of his feelings he decided to test them. One single test should do it. He opened the door and stood facing Siwon who was giving him a weird look. They stayed like that for a short time until Yesung broke the silence.

“Are you ready?” Yesung said with a sharp sound.

“Ready for wh...!” before he was given the time to reply, Yesung pulled Siwon into a deep kiss. It started gently, tongues meeting when the kiss heated. It made Yesung all warm inside.

“Tell me. Did you feel anything?” Yesung whispered his question once they broke, still unsure about his feelings. He stared deeply into the other’s eyes, what would his answer be...?

Siwon didn’t give him a verbal answer of any kind. Instead he pressed Yesung up the wall of the hallway before crashing their lips together for another kiss. Siwon lifted Yesung up for a better position. He deepened the kiss shared, wanting so much more. Yesung could feel the heat all the way from his ears to his toes. Siwon slipped a hand under Yesung’s shirt. He was caressing his back while kissing him to make Yesung all shaky in his head. Yesung liked the feeling and wasn’t complaining.

Siwon was losing the grip on Yesung’s legs as they felt to the floor. Now Yesung was lying with his back to the floor with Siwon on top of him. They both gazed into each other’s eyes.

“Sh-Siwon...” Yesung suddenly felt his heart beating like crazy, and he felt a rush of warmth in his body. He wasn’t thinking straight when his body decided to roll over, pinning Siwon underneath him. Yesung started to pull up the other’s shirt so he could feel him. Siwon moaned softly, liking how Yesung’s hands were caressing his chest slowly. It was too much. That was when the younger one decided to lift Yesung up from the floor and drag him into the bedroom considered that they were still in the hall and it wouldn’t surprise Siwon if Kibum decided to come home at this minute. To see them like this would probably not be ... healthy.

Siwon placed Yesung gently on the sheets. His eyes roamed over the older man, staring for a few seconds before he decided lean closer to him. He tenderly placed small kisses all over the other's beautiful face that shone brightly from the lamp light. Yesung could feel Siwon pulling him closer until their bodies were pressed completely against each other. His hands slid around to the back of Yesung’s neck as Siwon softly pressed their lips together.

“Shouldn’t we stop here?” Yesung asked aware of what might come.

Once again Siwon didn’t answer him. He just took his hyung’s hand and placed it on his own heart while looking him in the eyes. Yesung could feel the heartbeats thumping crazily against his finger pads, making him still.

“Siwon...” Yesung’s eyes softened and his cheeks pinked.

“Hyung,” Siwon took the initiative to move the kiss to his hyung's cheek and down to his jaw line, then back up to his lips where he lingered. Yesung melted right into Siwon’s touch and affection. Siwon slid his hands under Yesung’s shirt and slowly removed it above his head and dropped it on the floor. Yesung was still affected from the dancing practice with Jae – he felt rather helpless because the aches didn’t allow him to move his body the way he wanted.

That didn’t seem to bother Siwon, as he took off his own shirt and started to kiss Yesung down his stomach and placed feathery kisses around his belly button. Siwon started to toy with Yesung’s pants while making a trail of kisses on the other ones cheeks. Siwon started to pull down Yesung’s pants. Yesung’s breaths shortened with each passing moment.

“Relax, hyung,” Siwon whispered into Yesung’s ear, but the older singer couldn’t hear what he was saying over his heavy breathing.

Siwon ran the tip of his tongue along Yesung’s jaw line then started a trail of kisses down his throat and towards stomach as he continued to work Yesung’s pants off. He pushed them down his legs and his boxers came off right after. While Yesung was lying exposed on the bed—shy and unsure—Siwon started to take off his own pants and boxers. He sat between the other’s legs and moved onto Yesung’s manhood, trailing kisses around it teasingly, making Yesung moan lowly.

Finding it hard to resist, he wrapped shaky fingers around the weeping member and gave it a quick pump. Yesung let out a sharp cry and arched beautifully. It made Siwon nervous with excitement. He wanted to experiment on his hyung, to see what will make him crazy. His wet tongue quickly came down and dipped into the tip of the rod, eliciting a string of moans and gasps from the older man. He proceeded to lick its sensitive underside and then back up again before taking the whole thing into his mouth. Yesung was emitting many beautiful sounds as he was worked over. He squirmed and panted and shed many begging words, pleading for more. Siwon sucked harder and harder, trying to delight the man with his ministrations. Yesung gripped the sheets to keep his hands where they were and not hurt Siwon’s head. It was only a few moments later Yesung came in Siwon’s mouth.

He swallowed it.

“Oh...” Yesung didn’t know if that was the sexiest or the grossest thing he had ever seen.

“Hyung?” Siwon looked up at the other, worried if he had done something wrong. Yesung smiled at him, all flustered and hot.

“Y-you didn’t have to do... that,” Yesung looked away shyly.

“I'm... sorry.”

“No no!” Yesung shook his head, “it was wonderful!” he sat up to place his hands on Siwon’s shoulders, trying to reassure him, “You’re... you just didn’t have to...” Yesung wasn’t sure where he was getting at either.

“It’s fine, hyung. Its our special night.” Siwon kissed the other’s cheek and gently pulled him down to the mattress. He grabbed a lotion bottle from the overhead stand and squeezed a good amount on the palm of his hand. Their eyes locked for a second before he started to prep Yesung with lotion while placing feathery kisses on his hip bone and slowly started to move his fingers inside of his tight hole.

“Hyung, I’m here for you” Siwon whispered in his ear.

“Ummh,” Yesung nodded and squirmed. The preparation took a while since Siwon wanted to spare his hyung as much pain as possible. Scissoring fingers were now toying with the others ass, looking for a certain sensitive spot Yesung would respond to. Yesung was biting his lower lip to avoid weird looking faces. He wouldn’t deny that it did hurt. But he kept thinking of Siwon’s heart which he touched a moment ago; it made him all giggling inside. However, once Siwon brushed against his prostate, he inhaled sharply and tensed. He let out an inaudible scream as his eyes burst open and his back arched forward.

“You liked that,” Siwon prssed his smiling lips against Yesung’s.

“Please Siwon ... I want more ... I want you ... now,” Yesung pleaded as he gasped for air and tried to move with those fingers.

Complying with the demand, Siwon slipped his fingers out of Yesung and moved over him. Yesung groaned as he felt something longer and thicker fill him up – he felt like screaming in pain but held it back. Siwon stayed in the same position for a while without moving. He managed to trail soft kisses in his hyung’s face for comfort.

After some time Siwon started to move with a slow speed. Soon Yesung was filled with more pleasure than pain. He couldn’t believe that something that had hurt so much could all of sudden feel so good. Yesung started to moan loudly as pure pleasure took over. Each thrust let out a soft sound of slapping skin which sounded like music in Yesung’s ears. More and faster was all he could beg for. As if his thoughts were read, Siwon began to speed up.

Yesung was losing it as he felt his second climax getting near. Siwon took him in a hot and wet kiss before Siwon came himself. Yesung arched his back up as he felt something warm inside him. Not long after that he came over his own stomach.

Siwon pulled out and threw himself beside him. They both laid still while gasping for air.

Siwon turned over to Yesung, looked him in the eyes and said: “Now you don’t look so worried anymore!” he laughed and cupped the other’s cheeks.

“How could I? In one breath take you took all my worries away”. Yesung leaned into the warm caring hands and closed his eyes.

Siwon kissed him one last time if that was all it took to make Yesung fall in love.

“Goodnight Jongwoon hyung,” was the last words Yesung heard before falling asleep with warm arms wrapped around him.


of anyone needs me I'll be in Stockholm for a concert with LM.C the next 2 - 3 hours :D MUHAHAHHA

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