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I'm inside your eye

your armpit smells like... ATOMIC BOMB




About me;
My name is tene jensen; i was born the 25th march 1990. I live in shitty Denmark where I attend a decent college. My goal for the future is definitely university. and hopefully I'll manage to major in japanese.

what's the use of this eljay?
I'm pretty much trying to upload all my korean stuff; such as MVs, perfs and stuff like that. I will also upload personal random stuff which is more for me than for anyone else I guess. But people can still feel free to read it.

stuff I need
Lappy: MSI & HP both boosted up with PS and PSP and other good programs. My Nintendo DSi. Internet. Nestea. my Samsung F480 <3. iPod nano 4GB. My Arena37c mags. Starbucks. All*stars. Hankyung. my daily doses of k-pop xD. sjfh. facebook.

korean pop music:
super junior. dbsk. shinee. wonder girls. 2PM. 2NE1. After School. ss501. big bang. epik high. rain. wheesung. boa. a'st1. 2AM. snsd.

japanese music
the GazettE. alice nine.. tohoshinki. lm.c. gackt. miyavi. abingdon boys school. koda kumi.
perfume. tegomass. pierrot. olivia. anna tsuchiya. an cafe. ayabie. bis. BUCK-TICK. dir en grey. D'espairsrays.

I know it's foolish, I just run on without regret the only one I can trust is myself, I didn't need friends the fangs I bared at anything and everything sexual stuff in adolescence is delicate and fleeting I wanna be strong, give me the strength to live on my own
honestly, I was just scared of betrayal I knew that nothing would change if I kept running away